Here are a few more progress snaps from my new large drawing project. Fans of theme parks may recognise the buildings in these images – they are located at Disneyland in Anaheim, California – the original 1955 theme park created by Walt Disney. This area of the park, Main Street, USA, is themed around an idealised view of the small American town, set sometime around 1900. In the case of theme parks, especially Disney, the attention to detail is often very impressive and from certain angles, you would be forgiven for thinking that Main Street is a real world location rather than a pastiche (although I doubt real 1900’s America was ever as sparkling clean as the Disneyland representation). It may be a fake and a little too clean cut for some people, but the architectural details give a very convincing insight into American Victorian buildings and reality or not, they are still loads of fun to draw!

I have taken it upon myself to recreate on paper, Disney’s vision for Main Street, using fine tipped pens to replicate the fine details of each building and create a large, multi image collection portraying a vast proportion of the buildings within this area of the park, including every shop facade on the street itself as well as other iconic buildings such as Main Street Station. Not to mention a nice collection of vintage vehicles and a bunch of citizens dressed in period clothing. To bring across the theme of the area that Disney intended, I have decided to draw as though it really were a real town, so there will be no sign of modern theme park guests to spoil the illusion. And when the line work is complete, it will be time for colour! And it’s the colours of these buildings that really give the area a vibrant, exciting feel, so I’m sure it will be fun brightening the place up a bit when the time comes. For now, enjoy the snaps!









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