Here are a few more shots of my drawing of Selfridges on Oxford Street in London. I have been cracking on with the side portions of the building on the left and right of the central main entrance which I have shown before. It is becoming a bit of a challenge to maintain the same level of accuracy and detail as I progress with these huge side sections as the building itself is pretty long and as such, requires a substantial amount of repetition! It is fun though (for me at least!) and I’m getting ever closer to having the whole front of the building represented, which is no small feat given it’s size!

I have also included a few progress shots of a decorative clock section that will span the centre of the image at the bottom, sitting beneath the earlier mentioned central section, the main entrance to the store. This part of the drawing allows me to depict some of the ornate, decorative features that you cannot see from afar, or from the outside. There is one particular clock, just inside the main entrance, that is the inspiration for the one I have drawn. It also seems fitting to me to have the clock present as the main theme going on in the image will be the passage of time.

Enjoy the pictures!














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