As part of my large drawing of Selfridges in London, I will be adding in features on the street level such as people, cars, buses, lamp posts and whatever else. Here are a few examples of some buses I have been working on. You might notice that they are from two distinct time periods, this is because I want the image to also depict a street scene that starts at the left side of the image and stretches right across the artwork. As you look from left to right you will see time pass from 1909, when the store opened right up to the modern day. The store itself is large and has a very long frontage on Oxford street, so I thought it would be a fun opportunity to create a kind of time line at street level! There will probably be around 4 London buses from different periods of history dating back to 1909. Anyone who has been to Oxford street will know that there are usually quite a lot of buses running up and down the street.








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