Here are a few more progress shots of my drawing of Selfridges, Oxford Street! I knew it was a wonderful building before I started the picture, but looking in at my photos closely to catch all the finer details, I’m reminded even more how bloody awful *some* of today’s architecture can be. It’s no wonder so many people would prefer to look down at the floor or at their phones –  the ever growing sea of  haphazardly arranged, over-sized fish tanks are hardly worth straining the neck for…

Anyway! I’m having a lot of fun with this, adding in all the detail, but it is certainly time consuming work! It is a completely personal piece though with no deadlines, so it will progress along slowly in the background similar to how my drawing of the Empire State Building was handled – and I got that finished eventually!

People always ask me how I manage to cram in so much detail and I suppose it is really all about patience – it is slow work to get things looking how I like them, but it should be worth it once finished! When I decide to take on a new personal project like this, I find it difficult to hold back and ease off with the complexity. I want people to be impressed by the amount of work and I think because of this, sometimes my pieces are borderline overworked! But whatever, the feedback is usually quite positive and I enjoy working this way. #moreismore

My commission work is often refreshing because usually, there will be a tight deadline involved which means I have to think a little differently and create things that are more simplistic, not necessarily in concept, but definitely in execution – It is good to be reminded that I can still create things off the bat!

I’m always thinking to myself – Should I create loads of smaller, possibly more loosely drawn images, or save it all for the less frequent but hopefully more impressive larger pieces? I tried recently to start drawing really quick sketches of well known landmarks in a sketchbook, literally spending an hour tops on each. Well, three hours later and still on my first image, I started to get the feeling that things weren’t particularly going to plan!

So this one line opener for the pics has turned into a bit of a brain-splurt, but anyway – enjoy!












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