A big hello!

I have recently been working on a pretty cool item! I guess as a result of my construction wrap work for Goldsmiths in Newcastle, I was approached to do a similar project for the beauty shop Charlotte Tilbury! They are opening their flagship store near Covent Garden in London and while their shop front is boxed in and undergoing refurbishment, they are putting up a decorative hoarding to make the site look a little more appealing. I needed to provide line work that shows how the store front will look architecturally and the design team at Charlotte Tilbury are then going to add the relevant promotional material, logos and other decorative elements that I believe will include fairies!

This was not as large a project as the Goldsmiths hoarding and will only cover the bottom part of the building where the shop front is located and as such, the image contains significantly less detail than that project, although the brick work took some time! That being said it was still a nice one to work on and it’s great that these types of jobs are coming up because I obviously love drawing buildings!

Initially, the drawing represented more accurately the real shop front, but was altered slightly in order to fit in the client’s promotional and other design aspects. The windows were widened and I also added more depth and contrast as well as putting a bit more texture into the brick work. It is also likely that the final print will use red line work. I am very interested to see what the final result will look like once the other details have been added.

Many thanks to Charlotte Tilbury for selecting me for the job!








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